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Trash trash sex chatline

But for the hard-core users, the phone lines often became life itself.

Callers had "phone girlfriends" and "phone boyfriends" — people they'd never met in person.

Barnett would start up a friendly chat with his intended victim. Then he'd ask for a phone number, so they could "meet up." The people who populated the lines, hungry for friends and social interaction, gave out information freely. When chatters fought, he'd convince the aggrieved to hand over personal info on their enemies.

He'd ask where the person was from, then inevitably exclaim, "Oh, I'm from that city too. Then he'd store the information, retrieving it only when he felt the need for vengeance.

There were "phone weddings," complete with "phone bridesmaids" and "phone justices of the peace." If a couple got into a fight, one partner would angrily declare that he or she "wanted a phone divorce." But mostly the lines served as a fiber-optic stage, allowing people to conjure new identities and life stories.

"You got to be the person you couldn't normally be," explains "Beth," a former caller.

"Every guy basically out there had to show off," explains "Mary," another longtime caller.

To flex their electronic biceps, they would try to out-trash-talk each other or outdo each other with pranks.

And like a proud teacher, he felt the need to pass along his expertise. For months Rosoff listened on the phone, marveling at "Black Jordan"'s craftiness. Black Jordan began to coach him on the basics of social engineering, Rosoff wrote proudly to Scene. He was now 32, perpetually unemployed, living with his girlfriend and their young son. The SWAT team storms the house, guns drawn, where they find . So he spent most of his life feeling the world owed him reparations.Much like internet chat rooms, they're places where people from across the globe can mingle. With names like Cleveland Raven, Seattle Donut, and Boston Roach, they were the electronic version of singles parties — only callers didn't have to worry about pimply faces or thunder thighs.They tend to attract the lonely, the bored, those who struggle to blend into the face-to-face world. On the phone, everyone could be Keira Knightley or Brad Pitt.

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Only Proulx's wife, trembling in the cold Texas air. That night, the only real victim is the town of Alvarado, which sent its entire police force to the Proulx home.

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